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Splash Lab Bay Area is now a full rental facility!

Main Renter: Applied Pressure!

Applied Pressure Founder: Denzel Copeland 

About Applied Pressure's founder, Denzel Copeland:

Denzel Copeland was born & raised here in the Santa Clara County where he found his passion for sports, fitness, and coaching. At a very young age, Denzel began to explore interests in multiple sports; including soccer, basketball, volleyball, track & field, etc. Playing sports as a child equipped Denzel with many physical, emotional, and interpersonal benefits; such as proper motor skills development (coordination), social skills development, and most importantly self-confidence. Ultimately, Denzel gravitated more towards basketball where he produced the most success. Luckily, Denzel had the pleasure of playing at multiple levels for basketball ranging from YMCA youth camps to NJB (National Junior Basketball), to more competitive play in AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) to Varsity High School Athletics, to Collegiate NCAA to Semi-Professional ABA.

Denzel Copeland attended Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, California, where he played three years of varsity basketball, winning CCS championship in his Senior Year, as well as medaling in cross country and track & field. Denzel served as a Captain and Starter for his basketball team, earning multiple awards including: Scholar Athlete, Junior of the Year, Team’s Most Valuable Player, etc. On the verge of leaving Santa Teresa High School, Denzel had two basketball scholarship offers, one from UC Santa Cruz and the other from Bethany University. Denzel signed with Bethany University but due to the school’s investment issues, Bethany University was shut down. After hearing such terrible news, Denzel was extremely distraught but this did not stop his pursuit to becoming a collegiate athlete. Instead of choosing a four-year university and trying to “walk onto a team,” Denzel chose to go to De Anza College to keep playing and hopefully obtain a scholarship, which he eventually achieved. Earning All-Conference both years, Denzel gained the attention of eight four-year colleges, including Lewis & Clark University, California State University of San Marcos and Texas A&M International. After visiting and talking with several basketball coaches, Denzel decided to sign the letter of intent with the Texas A&M Dustdevils NCAA Division 2. Playing basketball at that level, Denzel finally understood how important it is to care for your body. It was at Texas A&M International University where Denzel found his passion for health & fitness as a whole. Denzel’s main focus is to pass on his excitement for fitness and to help athletes reach all of their goals. With his knowledge of being an athlete, Coach Denzel encourages you to be the best version of yourself. 

“I want to help people discover what their bodies are capable of doing and to teach them safe and proper technique. That foundation alone will serve them for the rest of their lives!! In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure!”

We are here to serve!

If you are an athlete looking to unlock your performance, an intense speed/agility/jump training program will help you reach your maximum acceleration speeds and top-end gains. 


Applied Pressure has a multitude of training methods that focus on key aspects of what your child would need to succeed in whatever sport he or she is trying to excel at! 


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