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Safety Information

Splash Lab Bay Area is committed to you and your family’s safety and security. Our facility operates under specific protocols which are required either by law or by Splash Lab's own standards. These standards are requirements for all of our Splash Lab Athletes.

If you, or a member of your family, are exhibiting signs of COVID-19 or any flu-like symptoms or have been exposed, you and your children are not permitted to attend Splash Lab.


Thermal temperature scans with contactless thermometers will be done on all parents, children, and staff entering the facility. 


Face masks are required for camp staff for parents on drop-off and pick-up. There are no exceptions to this rule. 


Only groups of 7 children will be permitted to be together at one time. No more than 7 children will be in a group.


All equipment will be sterilized before and after play. There are no exceptions to this rule. Gloves will be worn and a disinfectant will be used.

As a program serving youth in Santa Clara County, Splash Lab Bay Area is approved to open for camps and individual training to bring back a little form of normalcy for our community. We have limited the number of participants for all programs and have a strategic social distancing protocol, we are focused on ensuring a safe and exciting training environment for coaches and players.


Our goal is to allow kids to participate in non-contact basketball drills, while limiting the risk of exposure through proper screening, sanitation, and social distancing procedures.  ​We will limit our activities to those programs that we know can be executed in accordance with effectively in an environment that adheres to proper social distancing and safety.  


Operational and social distancing guidelines established in the Mandatory Directive for Programs Serving Children or Youth by Santa Clara County will be followed. All participants should be aware of and practice the CDC measures to help protect themselves and others     


The following Protocols were developed in accordance with Santa Clara County Guidelines. 

Santa Clara County Safety Guidelines & Protocols can be found below:

Mandatory Directive for Programs Serving Children or Youth - 7/13/20

Guidance for Summer Camps, Summer School Programs, and Other Children’s Activities


General Camp & Program Operational Guidelines 

  1. All activities will be NON-CONTACT

  2. Bring your own ball (no shared equipment)

  3. Must sanitize basketball before and after session

  4. Strict Social Distance procedures enforced (See Mandatory Directive for more info)

  5. Players must wear face mask (See Mandatory Directive for more info)

  6. Parents are not allowed in (past check-in)

Sanitation & Facility Upkeep

  1. Athletic facilities will be cleaned by SPLASH LAB BAY AREA staff on an enhanced regular schedule

  2. Coaches must oversee the wiping down and cleaning of shared equipment at the conclusion of each workout.

  3. Designated bathrooms will be available for use.

  4. Athletes and coaches should wash or sanitize their hands immediately before and after each training session.

  5. Athletes should only bring essential items to their sessions. Please leave all backpacks at home. 

  6. Athletes should bring their own water to each workout.

  7. Touch screen devices sanitized regularly.

  8. 15 minute+ grace period between most activities to account for sanitation & to limit the number of people in the facility.

  9. Facility will receive a full cleaning at the end of each day.

Check in

  1. Parents or caregivers are expected to screen their own children for Covid 19 symptoms each day before drop off.

  2. During check in each athlete will be screened for Covid 19 symptoms by visual observation and also be asked if they have recently experienced any symptoms or cared for anyone diagnosed with Covid 19.

  3. Every athlete and coach will also have their temperature taken during check in. No athletes or coach will be allowed to participate in workouts without receiving a temperature reading below 100.4 . If a temperature of 100.4 or higher is determined, the individual will be administered a second scan after a five-minute break. A maximum of three temperature readings can be taken before the athletes will be sent home.

  4. All responses and readings will be recorded and stored in the office.

  5. Athletes must remain at least 6 feet apart during check-in.


1.     All players will stay within their camp grouping 

2.     A maximum of 7 athletes may participate in any given camp/training session

3.     This grouping of 7 athletes will remain constant through the  month of camp/training sessions

4.     No spectators will be allowed at any training session

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & Protocols

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