1. Game Ready Focusing on shot creation using an array of techniques to create space for open shots.

  2. Catch and Shoot : Focusing on the fundamental ways to get your shot off quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

  3. Off the Bounce : Focusing on using minimal dribbles to get quality shots and includes step backs, slide bye’s, step throughs and more.

  4. Catch Fire : Focusing on shot making from three levels.

  5. Sweat : Focusing on non stop High Intensity Reps for game like scoring.

  6. Skills on Skills : Focusing on advanced next level moves, drives and shooting


6-7pm (4-7th Grade)

7-8pm (8-12th Grade)


6-7pm (4-7th Grade)

7-8pm (8-12th Grade)


10-11am (4-7th Grade)

11am-12pm (8-12th Grade)

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60 Minute Open Lab Session on our shooting Machines (Open to Any Age)

Splash Lab will use our state of the art Dr. Dish Shooting Machines and free basket to provide players the ability to workout without the need for constant instruction, providing players with an isolated setting for individual activities with no shared equipment.  We will only allow three players at a time at the facility during our specified hours.    

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 4-5pm  |  5-6pm

Saturdays: 12pm- 1pm

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